Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hipsters To Be Forced To Dance At Calvin Harris & Gabby Glaser Show Tonight.

A super-fun bill tonight at the Mercury Lounge:

By now you should know Calvin Harris as the man who claims to have invented disco. Of course it's not true, but perhaps he has re-invented the genre...nomatter what, his tunes are crazy dancable.

If you read extrawack! regularly, you already know we are big fans of ex-Luscious Jackson Gabby Glaser, and her live set will have you movin' & groovin' to her funky rock and rockin' funk.

Zambri is a catchy-as-hell synth & guitar-driven band fronted by two sisters who mix equal parts new wave, electro-pop, and Tori/Regina girly smartness. Yet another band on the bill who will force you to move enough to spill your overpriced cocktail.

The show is listed as sold out, but there are usually a few tickets at the door for early birds at the Mercury Lounge.

Calvin Harris - "Acceptable In The 80s" mp3

Gabby Glaser - "Spirit Of Long Island" mp3

And here's Zambri's "Get Dressed" Live at The Annex:

And for those who want to extend their dancing pleasure...the after party at Happy Ending with Adam Kesher & David Bruno:

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