Sunday, September 09, 2007

September Baker's Dozen Downloads - Sunset Rubdown, Enon, Baby Elephant, Tiny Masters of Today, and more.

Another month, another batch of rad (and free) downloads with the extrawack! seal of approval...and a photo of a monkey with a pistol. Have at 'em.

The Deadly Syndrome - "Eucalyptus" Here" mp3

Adrian Orange and Her Band - "You're My Home" mp3

Tiny Masters Of Today - "Hey Mr. DJ (CSS Remix)" mp3

Enon - "Mirror On You" mp3

Sunset Rubdown - "Winged/Wicked Things" mp3

Dawn Landes - "Suspicion" mp3

Baby Elephant - "How Does The Brain Wave" mp3

The Birthday Massacre - "Red Stars" mp3

The Real Tuesday Weld - "Last Words" mp3

Phosphorescent - "A Picture Of Our Torn Up Praise" mp3

Bottomless Pit - "The Cardinal Movements" mp3

Axe Riverboy - "Carry On" mp3

Larune (featuring Kamara from Earl Greyhound) - "Slow Sally" mp3

Thanks to the labels and PR peeps for hosting these tracks.

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