Thursday, October 18, 2007

Division Day covers Roxy Music and Sponge (!!)

We're sure you've seen some of the great cover tunes performed by Division Day flying around the Internets lately, and we wanted to be among the first to point you to a couple more:

Division Day - "More Than This (Roxy Music cover)" mp3

Division Day - "Plowed (Sponge cover)" mp3

We fully understand the hipster-ability of a Roxy cover...but Sponge? The poor man's Fuel?

Here's what the band says:

"Everyone remembers this song- maybe not the name, or the band that bestowed it upon us, but a recited line or two will bring a gleam of nostalgic recognition to the eye of the skinny-jeansed-est hipster you know. It's a dumb song by a thoroughly forgotten band, but somehow we killed thirty-plus van minutes in Texas coaxing from our memories the whole thing, from start to finish, and then dropped several quarters (later that night, at the Doublewide in Dallas) for the pleasure of reminiscing to the selfsame song on the jukebox as we downed pints of Lonestar.

When we started making covers, this song (somehow?) got nominated for consideration, and the notion was sort of too preposterous to deny. In taking on the task of attempting a compellingly indigestible rendition of a wholly in-credible track, I learned that "Plowed" stays buried in our brains for good reason; the melody is elegant and ominous, the guitar refrain undeniably propulsive, and the lyrics occasionally become profound. "To see wide open with a head that's broken" became a directive of sorts for this project (which was executed quite feverishly in two days); I like to think of Division Day's cover as the "Broken Head" version of Sponge's anti-classic anthem to regret and emotional atrophy."

Division Day Tour Dates:

18 Brooklyn, NY - Union Hall [residency]
19 New York, NY - Pianos (2pm)
19 Philadelphia, PA - The Khyber (8pm)
20 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506 [w/ Eulogies & Film School]
22 Atlanta, GA - The Loft
23 Washington, DC – DC Nine
25 Brooklyn, NY - Union Hall [residency]
26 New London, CT - The Oasis
27 Cleveland, OH - The Grog Shop
28 Pontiac, MI - The CroFoot
29 Chicago, IL - Schubas

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