Tuesday, October 09, 2007

October Bakers Dozen Downloads: Robert Pollard, Electric Six, Steve Earle, West Indian Girl, Dirty Projectors, and more

Since October's loaded with great stuff to keep us busy, like CMJ, Halloween parties, and never ending lawn raking, we are throwing our Bakers Dozen at you early this month.

Perfect for carving pumpkins by, or listening to while browsing the Party City catalog while deciding whether to go out this year as "Sexy Nurse", "Sexy Cop", Sexy Vampire", or "Beer Keg".

Steve Earle - "Mercenary Song" mp3

West Indian Girl - "To Die In LA" mp3

Robert Pollard - "Rud Fins" mp3

Electric Six - "Down at McDonellzzz" mp3

Say Hi To Your Mom - "Northwestern Girls" mp3

Dirty Projectors - "No More" mp3

Jon McKiel - "War On You" mp3

Art in Manila - "Set the Woods On Fire" mp3

Ravens & Chimes - "So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen cover)" mp3

Freezepop - "Ninja of Love" mp3

Morning Recordings - "The Welcome Kinetic" mp3

Aaron Stout - "The Coronation" mp3

Steve Smith - "Hit Me Up" mp3

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