Monday, December 03, 2007

extrawack!'s Top Ten Albums for 2007

Lest we get one more email or phonecall from a publicist or music mag asking us for a sneak peek at our year-end album list, I thought I'd post it up about three weeks earlier than we have in the past.

Ladies & Gentlemen, without further ado, and in alphabetical order...the extrawack! Top Ten Albums of 2007:

Nicole Atkins Neptune City
The Besnard Lakes The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse
The Cake Sale The Cake Sale
Calvin Harris I Created Disco
The Fratellis Costello Music
Gabby Glaser Gimme Splash
LCD Soundsystem Sound Of Silver
Ra Ra Riot Ra Ra Riot
M.I.A. Kala
White Rabbits Fort Nightly

As you can see, we were moved mostly by music that made us move. A bunch of the artists above gave us some of the best live sets of the year as well...James & LCD had us grooving with friends at Webster Hall and in the middle of thousands of strangers at the Virgin Festival in Baltimore. The Fratellis had us pogoing like it was 1979 at the Filter Courtyard Party @ SXSW. Nicole Atkins and The Besnard Lakes both hypnotized us in different but amazing ways at shows in Austin and Hoboken respectively. And M.I.A. made us feel like we were citizens of some sort of Groove Nation and she was that country's Queen Of Dope Beats when we saw her in Maryland and on Coney Island.

Here's our year-end gift to you, enough downloads to make your Zune/iPhone/whatever sound like ours:

Calvin Harris - "Acceptable In The 80s" mp3
Nicole Atkins - "Party's Over" mp3
The Besnard Lakes - "And You Lied To Me" mp3
The Cake Sale (featuring Nina Persson) - "Black Winged Bird" mp3
Gabby Glaser - "Spirit Of Long Island" mp3
The Fratellis - "Chelsea Dagger" mp3
White Rabbits - "The Plot" mp3

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