Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dawn Landes...show at Bowery & download here.

A couple days ago we posted about the awesome show Thao put on at the Knitting Factory, and as I was writing that piece up, I was reminded about how we happen to be in the middle of a time producing some pretty great female singer-songwriters. Not goofy, "writin' songs for radio" Lillith Fair-ers, but really solid, passionate, and terrific sounding writers & performers.

One such artist is NYC's own Dawn Landes, who also happens to be a multi-instrumentalist and an accomplished recording engineer (she could be the only person to ever work with both Philip Glass & Ryan Adams...). Landes' second full-length, Fireproof, finally gets a proper US release on March 4 through Cooking Vinyl.

From the press release:
The aptly named album was recorded live to 2" tape in a single day in an old fire station in Red Hook, Brooklyn (along with drummer Ray Rizzo, bassist Jonny Flaugher and engineer Adam Lasus.) It's an astonishing mixture of the urban and the rural. Fireproof is like a little kitchen garden planted between high-rise buildings; in it’s own way, a remarkable act of resistance.

"I think albums are always marked by the places where they were conceived or written. New York was bound to color many of the sounds I recorded for Fireproof," explains Dawn. But at the heart of these songs, there's still that girl playing the guitar in a cornfield in the Midwest. The only difference is that the corn has been replaced by high-rise buildings.

I guess you can grow corn in Red Hook, can't you?

Anyway, Landes plays Bowery Ballroom with Jason Isbell, and my wife's pretend boyfriend Will Hoge, on February 21. That's quite a bill full of state-of-the-art singer-songwriter goodness. Tickets here.

Dawn Landes - "Bodyguard" mp3 buy

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