Monday, February 18, 2008

February's Bakers Dozen Downloads...The Teenage Prayers, The Wombats, The Explorers Club, The Whigs, and more.

Here's another installment in our monthly quest to get some quality new tunage into your portable music playing device of choice. As always, thanks to the record companies and PR pimps who are hosting these gems for us.

Load 'em up and crank 'em.

The Explorers Club - "Do You Love Me?" mp3

The Teenage Prayers - "I'm In Love Again" mp3

Bad Flirt - "Heart Of Darkness" mp3

Throw Me The Statue - "About to Walk" mp3

The Whigs - "Right Hand On My Heart" mp3

Cassettes Won't Listen - "Paper Float (Styrofoam Remix)" mp3

Oren Lavie - "Her Morning Elegance" mp3

The Brakes - "Into The Ground" mp3

The Wombats - "Kill The Director" mp3

Jon McKiel - "War On You" mp3

A Weather - "Oh My Stars" mp3

Trash Fashion - "Why Can't We Be Friends (Mason Storm 'Two Hottie Remix') mp3

Decomposure - "Hour 5" mp3

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