Saturday, February 09, 2008

The George Foreman iPod Grill...Genius.

This is genius, and speaks to one of my great passions...listening to music while waiting for my grillin' to get done:

That's right, you're not's the George Foreman iPod Grill.

I've never actually seen one of these in real life before, and I'm not quite sure how you keep the grease and stuff off of your valuable electronics...but I think I need one.

And if the concept isn't enough, dig this customer review from the page where I found this thing:

"I love George Foreman's products! I own all of the grills, and I use them when I have small get togethers. They are great, indoors and out. I usually only use one at a time, since my friends don't really come to my parties. I don't know what that is about. I used the George Foreman iPod Grill just this past weekend. I was outdoors, listening to some Celine Dion and grilling one hotdog. Celine is great with barbecue foods. I also had a small can of baked beans. Anyway, the speaker was way too loud. My neighbors (I live next to a sorority house) called the cops on me. Again. I don't know what that is about. "

Awesome. And just in time for my birthday in March...hint, hint.

Grafton Primary - "I Can Cook (Miami Horror Remix)" mp3

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