Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Virtual Jarvis Cocker on The Lower East Side

This could be awesome.

From the press release:

Big news folks: One of the foremost forbearers of Brit Pop will be making an in-person appearance in our beloved vLES on April 30 at 3 PM EST. That's right, the bespectacled, wiry one – Jarvis Cocker – will be in the virtual Bowery Ballroom for a Q&A session. He'll be joined by representatives from Oxfam America to take your questions on everything from Jarvis' music to OXFAM to how nicely music integrates into activism. So, start getting your questions ready now, and submit them in the here. Afterward we'll be showing you a full concert from the last time he visited NYC in order to get you excited for this. This probably ain't gonna happen again, so we suggest you start planning how you're going to get out of work/class/court NOW!

About vLES.com:

The Virtual Lower East Side is a new online music community based on one of the world's most vibrant music scenes.

The Lower East Side is a legendary New York neighborhood because of its history, its unparalleled concentration of venues and live music, and its role as a proving ground for new artists.

With a website and a virtual world, vLES is an entirely new way to experience music and culture online. Just as the Lower East Side was the setting for seismic shifts in American rock music, the Virtual Lower East Side will revolutionize online music communities and offer bands a new way to reach their fans.

Jarvis Cocker - "Running The World" mp3

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