Wednesday, June 04, 2008

extrawack! Bakers Dozen Downloads for May...with Dr. Dog, Dandy Warhols, Chin Chin, Joseph Arthur, Pas/Cal, MGMT, and more!

Yup, it's nice out. Perfect weather to load up this playlist on the Zune, get outside, and pretend you're in shape by doing something athletic. Then, after five minutes is up and you're all sweaty and breathing like an asthmatic hyena, get inside in some A/C, grab a chilly Schlitz and listen to the rest of the mix:

Meho Plaza - "106 Beats That" (Wire cover)" mp3

Ravens & Chimes - "So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen cover)" mp3

Joan As Police Woman - "To Be Loved" mp3

Bum Kon - "Nancy Reagan Fashion Show" mp3

Amplive vs. MGMT - "Of Moons, Birds & Monsters [Communication Edit ft. Mistah Fab]" mp3

Colourmusic - "Yes!" mp3

Dandy Warhols - "The World Come On" mp3

Pas/Cal - "You Were Too Old For Me" mp3

Joseph Arthur - "Nothing To Hide" mp3

Chin Chin - "Toot D'Amore (DJ Eli Remix)" mp3

Dr. Dog - "The Old Days" mp3

Sarandon - "Mike's Dollar" mp3

Peter von Poehl - "Going To Where The Tea Trees Are" mp3

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