Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January's Baker Dozen Downloads with Bon Iver, O'Death, Cut Off Your Hands, Black Lips, and more!

As the crazy redhead from Rock Of Love, Lacey, would say, "What's up, skanks?!"

Here's January's extrawack!-approved thirteen downloads, just in time to help melt your frozen selves in this record-setting cold weather.

Lower Heaven - "Lose It All At Once" mp3

Dead Heart Bloom - "Flash In A Bottle" mp3

O'Death - "Lowtide" mp3

Black Lips - "Starting Over" mp3

Cut Off Your Hands - "Turn Cold" mp3

Bon Iver - "Blood Bank" mp3

Fran├žois Virot - "Not The One" mp3

Spindrift - "Ace Coltrane" mp3

Hammer No More The Fingers - "Shutterbug" mp3

Alaska In Winter - "Berlin" mp3

A. Armada - "The Moon Shifts The Sea The Sea Shapes The Shore The Shore Shakes The Sand The Sand Sinks The Ships" mp3

Middle States - "No Curse, No Drunk, No Fight" mp3

Hooray For Earth - "Take Care" mp3

And here's bonus skankness from the new Rock Of Love Bus:

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