Sunday, December 06, 2009

Active Child: making new memories

One of the most fascinating new artists I've come across this year, Active Child combines a warm, androgynous voice--reminscent of Antony Hegarty or Boys Don't Cry-era Robert Smith--with layers of cool synths and drum machines to produce a romantic, distinctive sound. For fans of machine-heart divas like Goldfrapp, people who still listen to Tears for Fears and A-Ha, or just anyone who wants to hear something new yet deliciously nostalgic. And to further the nostalgia vibe, his Facebook page promises a "cassette coming before the New Year."

If, unlike me, you don't still have your tape player handy (what??) you can download two Active Child mp3s-- "When Your Love is Safe" and the incredible slow-burner "Wilderness"--for free right now over at RCRDLBL.

Meanwhile, here's a YouTube clip of my favorite song yet, "She Was a Vision" (available for download here):

-Anna K.

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