Monday, April 05, 2010

Eastergaze with Serena-Maneesh and the Depreciation Guild

Instead of hunting for eggs or using peeps to recreate 20th-century masterworks, I spent my Easter Sunday at TT the Bear’s, having my eardrums vibrated by the fuzz-drenched double bill of Serena-Maneesh and the Depreciation Guild .

The latter’s forthcoming Spirit Youth has already found a home on my spring playlist, especially songs like “Trace,” “My Chariot,” and the elated, giddy guitar-swirl of “Dream About Me.” Despite a slightly muddy live sound mix that buried Kurt Feldman’s soft vocals, the Depreciation Guild played a tight and energetic live set, with fluttery synths and tight drums sharpening the intensity of their blurred, noise-drenched sound.

Download The Depreciation Guild – "My Chariot" MP3

Meanwhile, headliners Serena-Maneesh started a little short-handed with the absence of core member Hilma—I have to admit I missed not only her distinctive stage presence, but also her whispery-soft vocals, which add a fascinating lightness to the band’s more abrasive moments. However, singer-guitarist Emile Nikolaisen more than made up for her absence, draped in a ragged blanket and shaking maracas frantically on new songs like the addictive “Ayisha-Abyss” from the newly released No:2: Abyss in B Minor. I picked up a vinyl copy after the show, and if it’s even half as awesome as their last, self-titled album, it will definitely be a worthwhile purchase.

The tour is almost over, alas, but if you move quickly you can catch both bands on these (non-religious-holiday) dates:

4.5 - Milford, CT @ Daniel Street
4.6 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
4.7 - Washington, DC @ DC9
4.8 - New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge

-- Anna K

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