Sunday, May 08, 2005

Project Save CBGB

It looks like there is a formal organization set up to help keep CBGB from demise...Project Save CBGB & OMFUG is working as a community service group to keep the club from vanishing, by establising formal status as the meaningful place in downtown history it rightly deserves.

From their website:
“Project Save CBGB” organized with the intention to keep CBGB's on the Bowery, and to preserve it for future generations. We invite you to join us in requesting landmark designation for 313-315 Bowery, under the guidelines established by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission."

I really hope they are successful. That club is a deep part of my personal history, the city's history, and the music world's history. There are damn few clubs left in the world that are identifiable by most music fans around the globe, maybe none more so than CB's.

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