Saturday, May 07, 2005

Andy's Place in Pittsburgh, Holy Toledo!

Made it out to Ohio in one piece, stopping in Pittsburgh long enough to take in the really excellent Warhol Museum. Having previously thought I'd seen virtually everything important he'd done, I was amazed to find lots more really cool stuff. I even got to take in a screening of the first Velvet Underground film, along with a room full of older Midwesterners who were weirded out of their Blu-blockers and Mom-jeans.

We then walked up to PNC Stadium to see the giant statues of Roberto Clemente & Willie Stargell, and had some great BBQ at a sidewalk restaurant across the street and discovered this technology:

Iron City Beer is now available in an aluminium bottle...the container stayed icy cold for the entire 45 minutes I sipped at it. Nice work Beer-Techs!

We finished the day with a Mud Hens game in bee-you-tee-ful Toledo. Really pretty park, exciting game, very average food. Points deducted for no local beer served (the only "exotics" served were Corona and Michelob Amber bock!). Points given because I had great company at the game.

The trek home begins today...I'm ready to take in all the Journey, Styx, Bad Company, and Benny Mardones that bad minor-market radio can throw at me.

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