Sunday, May 01, 2005

Win Some Lose Some

Sportswise, I broke even this weekend.

The MetroStars finally won, beating Colorado 3-1 on an Amado Guevara hat-trick in the snow out in Denver. Let the bon temps roulez.

However, the Nets folded after a pretty solid three quarters to Miami in the fourth game of their playoff there's some serious locker clearing going on tomorrow morning at Meadowlands Arena. Here was the view from my $15 seat:

That's right, a mere $15 to get in to an NBA playoff game. How the MetroStars can justify their crazy prices to see half-assed soccer in an empty coliseum is beyond me. And the fact that I was able to beat the $10 parking fee by parking by the racetrack (leaving me enough dough to buy a delicious Guinness at the game and a dog at Rutt's Hut afterward) made me feel like I won the lottery.

Hopefully a full Nets season next year with Vince Carter will lead me out there for more games. I really enjoyed the handful I hit this season.

Earlier in the day I rambled around the Hoboken Arts Street Fair, or whatever it's called, while Kimberly did some musical stuff a few blocks away. That fair's corporate-sponsored booths are proof that people will sign up for anything if you offer them a bad t-shirt or dopey gift. Really, is a t-shirt with a credit card logo on it worth signing up for said credit card, more than likely with an outrageous rate? Honestly! Anyway, here's a photo of the always fun Everlounge performing there on the stage on Washington near the Barnes & Noble:

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