Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bellyachin' In Pennsy

I'm on my way out to Ohio on a 4-day road trip.

There's really nothing to do between my house and Pittsburgh except stop at hot dog joints and Gas-Mart stores.

The highlight of today's trip was a stop at Yocco's-The Hot Dog King near Kutztown, PA:

Here's the Hot Dog King himself, as seen on the counter near the iced-tea appears he made a recent trip to Mardi Gras, if I'm reading the bead thing correctly:

I got a "Yacco" without onions, which includes mustard, American cheese, and their own super secret spicy chili sauce on a grilled frank. It really was one of the best dogs ever. I added a small order of fried perogies, just to make sure I was eating as unhealthy as possible:

The premier gas-station store culinary touch for the day was the discovery of possibly the best flavor potato chip I've ever had:

Finally, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo at some local Mexican restaurant near our hotel in swanky Monroeville, that despite not having a licence to sell booze was handing out frosty mugs of draft Dos Equis to anyone who wanted them, free. Viva Mexico! Viva Cerveza Gratis!

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