Monday, July 11, 2005


My Colorado music scout Chet has hipped me to a Denver band called Born In The Flood. They sound like a cool cross between Coldplay and The Ocean Blue...which is right up my alley.

Fluxblog has a download of the mad catchy new Ladytron single, "Destroy Everything You Touch".

Everytime I go to Shea for a Mets game, I get fired up when they play Ace Frehley's "New York Groove". What other stadium has a single from any of the Kiss solo albums in their playlist? None. That's why Shea rules. Download the song here, charge yourself $3.75 for a hotdog, put the game on the tube, and live the Shea experience at home.

If you are going to Siren out at Coney Island this Saturday, you can find the set times and running order here. If you do go, look for me and say hi. I'll the guy nodding my head to the music and wearing black Chucks.

I watched the first episode of Rock Star:INXS tonight, and kinda dug it...I'll stay with it a bit longer. I've seen them a few times back in the day, and this show reminded me how great a band they were...bandwise. Yeah, Hutchence was a great frontman, but that band was always tight. And who woulda though the guitarist from Jane's Addiction would be the new Ryan Seacrest?

Navarro, Out!

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