Friday, August 12, 2005


I love blimps. I'm not sure exactly why, but I'm totally fascinated by them, and I can watch them all day. I think the fact that they just kind of hang in the air floating around seemingly without effort is relaxing to me somehow. Or maybe I'm just easily amused.

Having said that, this has been a great week for me as a blimpophile. I live walking distance from Baltusrol Country Club, site of the PGA Championship this week. Everyday since Tuesday there's been one blimp or another hovering over my house, which has been cool. The MetLife blimp above was here today.

On the other hand, through the weekend my neighborhood is loaded with clowns like these guys (shown here hogging the jogging path in my park), all dressed identically. I even saw one guy walking up the street with a pair of golf gloves hanging out of his back pocket, as if Tiger was gonna pick him out of the crowd and say, "Hey, Sporto! Take this drive for me, will ya?".

Every Wall Street mook, creepy lawyer, and businessguy-with-an-expense-account with an ounce of interest in golf is here for the tourney. Since there is no on-site parking at the course, our streets are lousy with parked Jags, Beemers, and Land Rovers. And not surprisingly, these all-about-themselves knuckleheads are not shy about dropping trash outside their cars before they leave town at the end of the day.

My neighbor, an amazingly cool old Scottish guy who works at the course, offered Kimba & me a pair of VIP passes to go tommorrow. Despite the fact that I hate the game of golf, golfers in general, and besides Tiger Woods and John Daly the Drunk Guy I know no other players, I can't pass up the idea of free food and drink just a short walk from my doorstep. The old guy swears the "event of it all" is worth the trip, so I'm there. Watch for me on the CBS television coverage. I'll be the guy with the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah shirt in the middle of all the slicked-back Gordon Gecko's in Izods.

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