Saturday, August 13, 2005

Chasing Tiger and Chilly Beers Before Noon

Today was a two-blimp day (MetLife & Horizon), so that was cool.

We walked over to the PGA thing around 8:30 this morning, and between the heat and the stroll we were soaked by the time we got there. The place was packed with other soaked people, and anytime there was a gathering of attendees in any sort of group, it stunk. Do golfers/corporate jerks not use deodorant to save a few bucks to put toward their pastel polo shirts? I've not seen that many polos with collars turned up since the house party scene in "Valley Girl".

I knew we were in trouble when I put on CNN this morning and the reporter, broadcasting live from Baltusrol said, "It's about 4000 degrees here in New Jersey!". In reality, it hit 101F a little later. Out on the links (wow...I've never said that before...) in the direct sun, the heat was really unbearable.

Not knowing exactly how the whole tournament thing worked, we just kinda walked around until we figured out where Tiger Woods was playing/hitting/whatever. We then set ourselves up near the green of his next hole (the 9th) and waited about 10 minutes before he showed up and played/hit/whatever. He drove onto the green on his first shot, and sank the putt on his second, one under par. I was kinda glad to see his shirt was as soaked as mine, and after the crowd gave him an ovation of the likes I've not seen since the Gang Of Four show at Irving Plaza a few months ago, off he went to the next hole with the other guy he was playing with whose name might have well been "Joe Invisible".

Having seen Tiger in action, we beat feet to the air-conditioned pavillion that our fancy-pants passes gave us access to, allowing me to drink beer at 10:30 in the morning with the beautiful people. Now that was actually fun. I took my morning beer buzz back out into the sun, immediately proclaimed it too hot for any more hanging with cigar-smoking richie lunkheads, and we made our way back home to collapse on the couch and decide, "I guess we won't do that again".

On a cooler note:
There are a zillion places on the web that offer free music, but most are abject crap. Bucking that trend, Neigborhoodies offers a different new free GOOD MP3 download every day. Here's their archive of songs so far, which includes songs by Thunderbirds are Now!, Ben Lee, CYHSY, Sambassadeur, Teenage Fanclub, Sufjan Stevens, Hefner, Radio 4, Jens Lekman, Wedding Present, I Am Kloot, 33hz, The Go! Team, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Art Brut, Morrissey, Stars, Annie, Maximo Park, Shout Out Louds and more.

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