Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gut Feeling With The Smart Patrol...Swiff It Good!

Earlier this month I saw DEVO at Hammerstein. As usual, they were amazing, and rocked with a fierceness belying their age. I didn't even attempt sneaking a camera past the security patdown, but "Redhair" did..his photos from the show on Flickr can be found here.

Though I saw no real mention of the show in the regular press other than line entries in concert calendars, there are a bunch of nice reviews from fans on the Internets. Blog reviews of the show can be found at Flaming Pablum, St. Murse, At Wrest (who snuck into the show!), The Faulty Hero, The Imperial Orgy, and The Vault Of Buncheness.

For kicks, here's a photo of DEVO's show last year after the Nike Run Hit Wonder race...

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