Wednesday, September 21, 2005

In & Out Burger, Here I Come.

I'm off to L.A. for a week, so if anyone knows the address of Morrissey's home, holla. Not so much to stalk him, but I'd like to see who does hang out in front of his house. Would that make me a stalker stalker?

So, J.D. is the new singer for INXS. It would have been a crime for creepy Marty or fey Mig to lead that band.

False 45th discusses the notion that your iPod's "shuffle" feature is not as random as you'd expect.

Brooklyn Vegan has the story of another Anton meltdown at the Brian Jonestown Massacre show at Pianos this week, with photos of him climbing into the soundbooth to take on the sound guys. BV also raves about the Towers Of London show at Scenic, backing up claims I've heard that they are GnR/Motley Crue good.

Pimp your iPod:

Download Echo & The Bunnymen's "Stormy Weather" here.

Download Diamond Nights' "Destination Diamonds" here.

Download Big Star's "Lady Sweet" here.

If you need me in the next few days, check in the used CD racks at Amoeba on Sunset. Later.

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