Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Ride In A Time Machine For $15? Count Me In.

If you were to tell me last New Year's Eve that in the coming year I'd be able to see, in person, Gang Of Four, Devo, and The dB's...I'd have laughed at you and accused you of hitting the punch bowl too hard. Then I would have probably made your wife hide your keys so you couldn't drive home.

However, drunk or not, you would have been right.

Last night I saw the final band of that triumvirate, The dB's, play their third of a total of four reunion shows for 2005 at Maxwell's in Hoboken, home of their very first show in 1978.

Despite some (uncharacteristically for Maxwell's) stage-monitor problems, they sounded pretty great for a band that hasn't played together in this formation for 20 years or so. They played most of my faves, including my fave faves "Love Is For Lovers", "Big Brown Eyes", "Lonely Is As Lonely Does", and "Amplifier". The couple of new songs in the set sounded remarkably good.

Here's how it looked from my spot on the floor:

Peter Holsapple announced from the stage that they are offering an MP3 download of their recently recorded version of the Motown classic "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" to help raise money for the displaced musicians of New Orleans. He said they'd already raised $8000, which I find amazing. Here's the link...I'm buying mine as soon as I'm done typing this.

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