Monday, October 03, 2005

Bikini Briefs, Billy, Bauhaus, and Bowery a la Mode

Pollstar says that the original line-up of X will be playing Roseland on 9 December. If you've never seen Billy Zoom smile live and in person in the middle of ripping through a solo, now's your chance.

I just found out that Bauhaus is playing the theatre I used to go see movies in when I was a little kid in New Brunswick on 21 November. The State has great sound, and is the home of the always awesome Glen Burtnik Xmas Xtravaganza. Although I've seen Love & Rockets & Peter Murphy solo a few times each, I've never seen Bauhaus live. I'm goin' to this show even if I have to sit by myself, Azriel Abyss-style.

This guy sends letters to f-list actors and chronicles what they send back to him. At first I thought he was goofing, but upon further review, it looks like he's not. Nutty Canadians.

Productshop NYC says Depeche Mode is playing The Bowery on 28 October. Now that would be cool. No way am I going to the Garden to hear their bleeps and bloops, but I'd pay good dough to watch Gahan do his dervish spins downtown in a heart beat. Info via Brooklyn Vegan, who also has info on a Lady Sovereign date at the Knitting Factory here. She tore it up when I saw her during CMJ, and I heard my favorite line from any crowd that week at that show: "That fidget sure can spit it, yo!".

And finally, extrawack!'s favorite Ohio Disco Metal Boogie band, Gil Mantera's Party Dream, is opening for The Rapture at Crash Mansion this Thursday night for a mere $10. Tickets here while they last. Ask Donny to show you his bikini briefs. I'm sure he will.

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