Sunday, October 09, 2005

I Saw Tom Verlaine, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Richard Hell, and Iggy Pop All In The Same Room Yesterday

I battled the rain yesterday afternoon to go downtown to see Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World, the art exhibition by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Skate Historian Jocko Weyland at KS Art on Franklin Street, across from The Knitting Factory.

The KS Art website describes the show as follows:
"Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World introduces “the glam to hardcore diaries of Thurston Moore and Jocko Weyland.” These are not diaries in the traditional sense, but rather, visual artworks, based on the personal recollections of the alternative music scenes of each artist’s formative years. Moore and Weyland, both primarily known for work in other mediums, have created photomontages and photographs respectively, which explore the original incendiary allure of youthful rock n’ roll fandom from both the 1970s and 1980s."

Moore's works are montages of photos and clippings mostly from fanzines and music publications documenting late 70's/very early 80's music scenes, mostly in NYC. The pieces are mostly image driven, but all have some verbage to solidify exactly what each collage is about. One collage in particular contained a clipping of a wordy NYC scene report written by Moore to an unidentified 'zine, revealing himself at that time as half-fanboy, half-archivist. Fans of that exciting era of new music will probably love playing "Where's Eno" and "Is That Wayne County or Arthur Kane?".

Here's #7, from Moore's Street Mouth collection:

Weyland's work is more or less comprised of blowing up details of existing iconic artwork from 80's punk. Like Moore's collages, it's kind of fun to try to identify each of Weyland's photo's original sources, and having said that, I guess one could use his wall at the gallery as some sort of test of a punk fan's expertise.

Here's Weyland's detail from The Gun Club's "Miami":

I totally dug it all.

The exhibition runs through 29 October. Photos courtesy

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