Monday, October 10, 2005

I've Seen Her Naked, TWICE!

Art Brut on a Wednesday night in Hoboken...the perfect way to break up the week on the way to a Good Weekend. If you are there, the first
Rolling Rock is on me.

Here's the whole set of US dates:

09/11/05 @ Maxwells, Hoboken, USA

10/11/05 @ Mercury Lounge, NYC, NY, USA

11/11/05 @ North 6, Brooklyn, USA

12/11/05 @ Tribeca Grand, NYC, USA

14/11/05 @ Lee's Palace, Toronto, CA

15/11/05 @ Schubas, Chicago, USA

17/11/05 @ Spaceland, Los Angeles, USA (tell the girls at the bakery/cafe across the street that extrawack! sent you)

18/11/05 @ The Echo, Los Angeles, USA

"Die your hair black, never look back, my past is my business"...They formed a band.

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