Monday, November 28, 2005

As If I Needed Another Reason To Get My Irish On In Times Square On St. Patrick's Day...The Pogues Play Nokia In March.

I stopped by the greatest fish & chips shop in North America, A Salt And Battery on Second Avenue yesterday for a small cod, chips, and a Boddingtons, when I noticed this flyer on the front counter:

That's right, not The Popes, The Rogues, or any other false permutation that have rolled through NYC looking to cash in on drunken Irish ticket buyers...this is the honest to goodness, original line-up Pogues, complete with Shane MacGowan teetering up front.

The last time I saw MacGowan live was at the notorious Guinness Fleadh at Randall's Island about six years ago. Though he was barely coherent and vaguely vertical, his set was still excellent.

Since the St. Patty's Day show is on a Friday night, I can only guess what kind of madhouse that show in the 17th will be. Tickets apparently are not on sale yet, but since the flyers are out, I assume they'll be on sale sometime this week.

Saints preserve us.

UPDATE: The mysterious "C" from Scatter O'Light tells us tix are on sale at Noon this Saturday through TicketMaster here.

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