Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cribs, Unbusted, Crazy Anton, And An extrawack! Christmas Wish.

Caught The Cribs at Mercury Lounge Monday night...a seriously loud and fun affair. Despite the drummer knocking his head falling off his chair during a set played earlier in the day at SPINhouse, the short but powerful set had the normally docile Merc crowd boppin' and pogoin' the whole time. It looked as if everyone there had a ball, and it was fun to see smiles on faces, rather than the mopey pusses that usually shuffle out toward Houston Street no matter how good the set was.

Speaking of good sets, opening band Unbusted (website - myspace), a three-piece straight off the mean streets of Martha's Vineyard, turned in a half-hour of raucous rock that fell somewhere in-between Cheap Trick and edgier Blur. Guitarist/Singer Joe Keefe (right) stood out with fantasticly non-wanky guitar leads that totally suited the songs, and the entire band played with a confidence not normally seen in that club from an out-of-town band. They sounded way better live than the MP3's on their website...but download their best song, the catchy as hell "X's & O's" here anyway. If I was a ponytailed A&R mook, I'd have my eye on them.

If you are holding tickets to the Secret Machines/Annie benefit show Thursday night at Webster Hall that TV On The Radio sadly had to pull out of, you'll be surprised to hear that Anton from Brian Jonestown Massacre has been added, and he'll play an acoustic set and DJ. He wouldn't pull his berserker act at a show to raise funds for Mercy Corps, would he?

And finally...if you are looking for the coolest holiday gift for your hippest friend, I've found it for you:

Das rite suckas, it's a Death From Above 1979 Soccer Scarf, and it makes my MetroStars scarf look like a yellow sundress. Available here.

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