Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Subways @ Northsix, 7 Dec 05

Caught an amazingly fun and raucous set last night at Stuff Magazine's "It Issue" Party at Northsix from The Subways, who are on their first tour of the USA in advance of the release over here of their album Young For Eternity, which is already out and successful in the UK. The album, produced by Lightning Seeds pop-meister Ian Broudie, is released here on Sire on Valentines Day.

The London trio features brothers Billy Lunn and Josh Morgan on guitar and drums respectively, and a firecracker of a bass player in Charlotte Cooper. The set was about 40 minutes of constant movement, and short but sweet punky pop songs that were hooky as hell. Remarkably, the mostly media-and-hipster crowd were moved enough to uncross their arms and uncock their heads, and bounced through most of the set along with the band.

All in all, it was a totally exciting set from a band with a big future. I can't imagine they'll be playing clubs the size of Northsix or Rothko (where they played the night before) the next time they come through the city. As great as they sound and as good as they look, there's no reason why The Subways shouldn't be Killers-big by this time next year.

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