Thursday, April 13, 2006

extrawack! Single Of The Week: The PeachWaves

I just finished watching a new episode of the always entertaining New York Noise, and saw/heard a song so good, I had to get off the couch and hit The Internets to find out more.

The catchy tune and cute video is for "Too Much Shit" by The PeachWaves. All I can find is their MySpace, which contains this info:

The PeachWaves came out with their blend of "Girls Gone Wild" accapella electropunk in the winter of 2002. Originally comprised of Mira "ferrari melba," Ashley "pechefemme," and Shaun "nectar slut," they started by playing shows for the dance department parties, at Tisch. After success took Shaun from the peachwaves, Mira and Ashley struggled to maintain the larger than lifeness of the band. They soon developed the infamous "Backyard Burlesque" series, choreographed and performed "The Panty Piece (part 3)," and established the Scandalous House of Pout to perform as part of their Mirrored Ball. Still very much into their music, the ladies collaborated with producer Ron A. Shaffer (Tricky, Ambulance Ltd., Ezra Reich) to create their single and video for, "Too Much Shit." In late November, 2005 the video broadcast along side The Unicorns and Antony and the Johnsons on New York Noise. Keep an eye out for these girls, and when you see them give them a PEACHWAVE!!

To me, they sound very new wavey, recalling The Waitresses, Bush Tetras, and Book Of Love. I found their video on YouTube, and it's tagged as follows:

pop, brooklyn, cute, music, indie

That about sums them up!

The PeachWaves - "Too Much Shit" mp3

Here's the video:

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