Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In Praise of Arnold Palmer & Coldplay.

"C." from the always interesting scatter o' light hips us to the scary new soft-drink invention, Coke Blak. It's a cola/coffee fusion, and though I love both tastes separately, the combo sounds kind of nasty. I'm not sure I'm willing to gamble the $2 on a probable spit-take. I am impressed with the promise of "double the caffeine", so hopefully they'll be street-teaming some taste samples my way one of these days.

On the other hand, I think I've discovered my drink of the Summer. The good people at Arizona are selling "Arnold Palmer Half & Half Lite", which is a giant 23.5 ounces can of a Lemonade/Iced Tea mix. It's sweetened with Splenda, but totally doesn't taste like a diet drink. Amazingly, it's only a buck at my local bodega, and comes in a can loaded with old photos of Arnie workin' the links in a variety of suave golf outfits. I'm no golfer, but I know Palmer was the man back in the day, because my grandfather used to curse him out whenever he was beating Gramp's boy Jack Nicklaus.

I taste tested a can of the stuff on the drive to Philadelphia late last week, where I helped my pals at Oxfam finish-up their Make Trade Fair work on the Coldplay tour at the Wachovia Center at the final show of the final leg. It's a good sippin' on the Turnpike drink, but with a can that big, you've gotta schedule a stop at a rest area.

As for the show, it was pretty great. Richard Ashcroft opened, and sounded fantastic. The couple of Verve songs he played sounded EXACTLY like The Verve, and the new stuff fit right into the short set. His band sounded surprisingly funky during the soundcheck...I wish he'd funk up his own records a little more.

Coldplay has the arena show down to a science. Never boring, even during the slower numbers, they are one of the few bands playing giant halls that I would ever recommend seeing to a friend. And you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it and heard it for yourself, but these guys rock hard when they want to. Take my hipster card away if you must, but I love seeing them live.

Here's a Party Ben mashup for you to drink your favorite beverage to:

Coldplay vs Kraftwerk - "Computer Talk" mp3

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