Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Alison Goldfrapp Made Me Blush Tonight.

Just got back from Gigantic Studios downtown, where I was part of a very small group that got to watch Goldfrapp's live set for KEXP while they are broadcasting in NYC.

Holy moly.

I went expecting kind of a stripped down production, as radio sets usually are, but Goldfrapp had utilized the studio to its fullest, setting up the full monty for the mini-show.

Unfortunately, the record company lady begged us all not to take any photos, so I can't show you how close we were to the band as they played on the other side of the booth windows...but suffice to say I stood about ten feet in front of Alison as she sang directly towards me:

"Switch me on, turn me up
I want to touch you you're just
Made for love
I need la la la la la
I need oh la la la la"

during "Ooh La La".

I'm quite sure I turned all kinds of red, and I'm also sure I'll be reliving that couple of seconds in particular in uncountable daydreams to come. She sounds and looks like God's sexiest angel.

Listen to Alison and her amazing band sing to me (and, yeah, the other people in the room with me...) here (select May 16, 5:20pm in the "Listen By Time" box).

Goldfrapp - "Number One (Mum remix)" mp3 buy

How is it that we live in the media capital of the Universe, and it takes a smallish organization from Seattle to come to town to make fun stuff like this happen? It was cool to meet up with friend of extrawack! and KEXP morning maven John Richards, and the whole event made me realize how lucky we are to have such an amazing station run by people who obviously have great pride in what they do.

Support KEXP with a pledge here.


KEXP has posted a few photos from the Goldfrapp set on their blog, along with a link here. So...hello KEXP listeners!

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