Tuesday, May 02, 2006

movie review: "Goal! The Dream Begins"

Caught a screening of Goal! The Dream Begins last night. As a connoisseur of futbol flicks, I couldn't pass this one up.

As soccer films go, this one is wholly decent. A really solid cast and plenty of legit looking soccer action makes the mostly predictible storyline actually interesting, and even though the movie was obviously made for a family audience, the lack of skin and bad language is not really missed. Parts of it seem like a Disney version of Footballers Wives, but it wasn't corny by any means.

And who doesn't want to see a movie with short appearances by worldwide superstars like David Beckham, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, and Carlos Bocanegra?

The star of the film, Mexican televison actor Kuno Becker, is pretty great in the lead role, and comes off as kind of a cross between Ricky Martin & Robbie Williams.

Great soundtrack, featuring three (good) Oasis songs, the obligitory Kasabian track, and fine incidental music by Graeme Revell.

I had no idea this is the first film of a trilogy...that's some gutsy investing.

Official extrawack! rating: Three Shinpads.

Goal! The Dream Begins opens May 12th.

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