Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Thursday Night...Wolfmother, Mets, and The Clash @ Manitoba's.

Wolfmother is playing a free in-store at the East Coast's best indie record store, Vintage Vinyl in Woodbridge, Thursday night at 8pm. This is surely the last time you'll see these guys in such a setting for a while (they've already nearly sold out their June 3rd show at Webster Hall). Last weekend they played for thousands at Coachella...five days later, you can see them with a crowd of about 50 Jersey rockers. Nice.

Wolfmother - Woman mp3 buy

I'd go, but I'm headed to Shea for my first Mets game of the year. They play the Pirates, whom I've hated ever since their heady "We Are Family" days of the '70's. Amazingly, the Mets are offering Upper Deck seats for many games (this one included) for only $5. So that means you can get a game ticket, two beers, and round-trip passage on the 7 line for less than $20! Throw in a stop at the Dollar Tree on your way to the train for a bag of roasted-in-the-shell peanuts, and you're golden.

Yo La Tengo - "Meet The Mets" mp3 buy
(thanks to Murph at False 45th)

And don't forget to finish off your night at Manitoba's for Mike C.'s Neat Neat Neat party featuring an extra helping of Clash music this week. What's better than hearing "Train In Vain" with a fresh pint of Bass Ale in front of you at Midnight? Nothing.

Wolfmother photo courtesy Eleven Magazine.

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