Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Asobi Seksu, Pas/Cal, Johnossi On Thursday Night.

Here's the plan to make your Thursday night one of the best nights of music this year.

Start out at Pianos for the 7:30 show by Johnossi, a duo from Stockholm who, according to their bio, "enjoy a good melody, a catchy tune, a powerful expression, and a fist full of steel. We also enjoy a sweet emotion, a kind stroke on our cheek, a distant whistle, and the sound of silence, (not so often though)."

My friend John gave me their import CD and told me I'd love it. I do, and now he and I will be at the show all "Yeah, I've been into these guys forever" like the rest of the chinstrokers down there. Check out their MySpace page, where cute girls leave them comments like:

Cementenkonserten var skitbra! :) Tusen hjertelig takk!:) ,

whatever that means.

Courtesy of Absolut Noise, here's what they sound like:

Johnossi - "Risky Business 1" mp3 buy
Johnossi - "Man Must Dance" mp3 buy

Then, walk over to Mercury Lounge, cut your way through the bar, and prop yourself mid-floor for the one-two punch of Pas/Cal (9:30) and Asobi Seksu (10:30). tix

Pas/Cal - "What Happened To The Sands" mp3 buy
Pas/Cal - "The Bronzed Beach Boys" mp3 buy
Pas/Cal - "Oh, Honey, We're Ridiculous (Demo)" mp3 buy

Asobi Seksu - "Strawberries" mp3 buy
Asobi Seksu - "Thursday" mp3 buy
Asobi Seksu - "Walk On The Moon" mp3 buy

Download the Glass Factory remix of Asobi Seksu's "Strings" at their label Friendly Fire's MySpace page.

Honestly, does it get any better or easier to put together a decent night out? No, it doesn't.

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