Sunday, June 18, 2006

More Yappin' About The World Cup

I know you didn't ask, but here are some more thoughts on the tournament that has kept me glued to the couch all weekend...

How did Marcelo Balboa get the nod to call so many important games on TV? He lends zero insight to the broadcast, and spends far too much time stating the obvious. I guess when you learn your chops calling Rapids matches, that's what you get.

Conversely, I've been enjoying the matches Shep Messing (at left, back in the day) has been involved with. He's totally fine-tuned his style recently, and unlike Balboa, has been coloring the 'casts with interesting anecdotes and smart analysis.

And of course I love Tommy Smyth, NYC's official Irishman.

There's a great thread on BigSoccer called "Pick your favorite insane thing said by the announcers so far"...find it here.

Yeah, I know Daniele de Rossi was shown a red card after viciously and purposely elbowing Brian McBride in the face...but why shouldn't he be suspended from the whole tourney? And fined? McBride is a closed.

Some of the most fun WC commentary I've read comes from spinachdip nyc, where you can read Yusuke's anguish at following both Japan and USA...poor sap.

Here's a link to a bunch of badgers who both sing and support Engerland.

Finally, courtesy of La Blogothèque, here's some more quality footy musique:

Air Miami - "World Cup Fever" mp3 buy

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