Monday, June 05, 2006

XTC & Gorillaz Go Together Like Soccer & Arms Control.

Feel like helping make the world safer while feeling the World Cup vibe? The Million Faces is a global initiative to promote the Global Faces petition demanding an arms trade treaty. Click here to sit in the extrawack! section of the Million Faces Football Stadium(we're in Section N10, Row 10, seat C29), and add your name to the petition.

You can actually create an avatar to represent yourself in your seat...on the left is mine. It wouldn't let me select an Art Brut t-shirt or a bag full of Lemonheads candies, but I think it looks close enough.

XTC - "Melt The Guns" mp3 buy

Gorillaz - "Kids With Guns" mp3 buy

Click the graphic below for more info on the Million Faces Petition and Control Arms :

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