Sunday, July 16, 2006

Heat + Rain + White Belted Hipsters + Fun = Siren.

Thanks to Murf, Jim, and Yusuke for covering me here this week!

I hit Siren for a short while early in the day yesterday since I'd seen most of the headlining bands, muggy, rainy for a bit...but still fun as usual.

I really enjoyed Dirty On Purpose, and having only seen them in smaller clubs previously, thought they sounded pretty good on the big stage and out in the open.

Here they are, or were, I guess:

and here's another reason why New York Noise is great...their banners make swell rain shields:

All in all, a fun day and what seems to be turning into a really great New York tradition.

Dirty On Purpose -"Mind Blindness" mp3 buy

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