Monday, July 10, 2006

Thursday Night Double Feature

Hey Folks, This is Murf from False 45th up in the Green Mountains taking the controls of your extrawack experience for the night while b.f. is off investigating the recent spate of poor behavior from Jerry Collins and Zindane.

How's your Thursday night looking? No plans? Afraid of all the patchouli oil soaked hippies descending on midtown for the Bob Weir shows at Radio City? Trust me. I live in Hippieville, USA. You should be afraid.

Well, here's how to avoid the roving bands of dredlocks and ill-fitting clothes. Okkervil River is playing at Castle Clinton down in Battery Park at 7pm (free tickets will be distributed in pairs at 5pm). They should be done around 9pm which should give you time to get a PATH train out to Hoboken to see Fruit Bats at Maxwells when they hit the stage around 10pm.

There you go. Two fine bands and it'll keep you well south and west of the geriatric free spirits.

Now, I know how tough it is to get you jaded NYC hipsters off your asses. So, here's the bonus for the night. Noted Vermont author and editor Rowan Jacobsen is going to be hitting both of these shows. If you spot him at both shows and ask him about the surprising health benefits of chocolate, he'll give you an autographed copy of his best-selling book Chocolate Unwrapped.

Okkervil River - "Black" mp3 buy
Fruit Bats - "Lives of Crime" mp3 buy

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