Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who Wants to Be On The New Year's Guest List at North Six?

Murf from False 45th again.

Tired of paying for shows? Looking for a comp? Got more time than money on your hands? Love those Kadane brothers?

Well, everyone's favorite slowcore giants, The New Year (featuring Matt & Bubba Kadane of Bedhead fame), are offering to put you on their guest list for their Saturday, August 12th show at North Six.

Here's the deal...you contact them...they'll send you posters for the show...you put the posters up around town...you're on the guest list.

Pretty damn easy, eh? That's about an hour or two of work. And for it, you get to see a rare show from one the best builders of tension, guitar hooks and walls of sound...for free. For more details, read here.

For those readers in Boston, the deal works for you too. The New Year will be playing upstairs at The Middle East on Friday, August 11th.

By the way, Touch & Go labelmate Nina Nastasia will be opening both shows for The New Year.

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