Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Baker's Dozen Xiu Xiu, Pinback, Van She, Canada, and more.

When I posted the last "baker's dozen downloads" a couple weeks ago, I got crazy hits and lots of nice notes, so I'm gonna try to make it a bi-weekly thing. Here's a cd's worth of good stuff that's been making my ears smile lately:

Purrbot - "Hologram" mp3

Real Ones - "Orlando" mp3

Monster Movie - "Vanishing Act" mp3

Xiu Xiu - "Boy Soprano" mp3

Pinback - "Messenger" mp3

Team Band - "Bond" mp3

Huma - "Feels Like I'm Walking" mp3

The Morning Benders - "Grain of Salt" mp3

Two Ton Boa - "Cash Machine" mp3

Oakley Hall - "Lazy Susan" mp3

Breakup Breakdown - "Tonight" mp3

Canada - "Record Function" mp3

And finally, my favorite song of the Summer, a cool slice of poppunkfunkdancemagic from Australia's fantastical Van She:

Van She - "Kelly" mp3

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