Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Teddybears Album Out In U.S. Next Week

Yeah! The Teddybears album finally hits U.S. streets next week...

From their PR: "Stockholm-based collective Teddybears will release their U.S. debut, "Soft Machine", September 12th on Big Beat Recordings. The album, a mash up of styles touching on garage punk beats, Electro, Dancehall and Krautrock, features a diverse array of guest vocalists, including Iggy Pop. Neneh Cherry, Elephant Man, Annie, Ebbot Lundberg of Soundtrack of Our Lives and Mad Cobra.

While new to the U.S., Teddybears have put out a handful of albums in their native Sweden, beginning in the '90s as a hardcore punk band, citing as influences the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains and NWA. Classmates Patrik and Jocke met at an art school in Stockholm where they decided to form a grindcore band named Skull. When Skull needed a guitar player, they invited Jocke's brother Klas and changed the band's name to Teddybears.

Bassist Jocke recalls, "After a while our drummer left the band to pursue a career as a sculptor, and so we learned that cheap drum machines, electric guitars and vocoders could be a deadly combination."

With the change of the music, though, we started to incorporate other kinds of vocals, and we have invited some very special friends as guest vocalists.

"Nowadays, there's not a lot of punk in our music anymore I guess," Jocke continues. "We get some outlet for that kind of frustration in other areas of our lives, like painting, skateboarding and Nietzsche-reading."

Teddybears - "Cobrastyle (ft. Mad Cobra)" mp3 buy

Teddybears - "Cobrastyle (Diplo Remix)" mp3

Teddybears - "Punkrocker (ft. Iggy Pop)" mp3

Teddybears - "Punkrocker (Squeek E Clean Remix)" mp3

Teddybears Montage Video:

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