Monday, August 07, 2006

That's Right, I Said it...Hellogoodbye is total fun.

Back from my Warped weekend...I have to admit that though most of those bands are pretty wack, the kids at those shows are mostly great, smart, and fun...

And the best part of working at Warped? You get to see Helmet play a set every single day. One of the older guys on the tour, Page Hamilton told a story at the Jersey gig about the last time he was in the Old Bridge area, explaining that he was once a limo driver and had to drive David Cassidy to a gig at the infamous (and long closed) Club Bene in Sayreville. Yikes.

Other observations:

The Sounds put on a great show, and are so much better live than on record. The same goes for The Pink Spiders.

Monster Energy Drink, the official drink of Warped, is a nasty, sticky concoction I wouldn't wish on my enemies. It tastes like a bad gastank syphoning accident, and even for free and on ice, it's not worth a sip.

Joan Jett is still awesome, and her longtime drummer Thommy Price is still amazing.

Bull Frog Sunblock rules.

The most fun place to be all day long was the Shiragirl stage.

Hellogoodbye is total fun and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

The Pink Spiders - "Modern Swinger" mp3 buy

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