Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The extrawack! Mix - A Baker's Dozen Downloads Of August Hotness.

Burn 'em to a disc, put it on in the car, turn it up, thank me later.

Cold War Kids - "Tell Me In The Morning" mp3
Aberdeen City - "Sixty Lives" mp3
Nikki Sudden - "Seven Miles" mp3
Bel Auburn - "Blind Ward" mp3
Spencer Dickinson - "That's A Drag" mp3
Radio Birdman - "We've Come So Far (To Be Here Today)" mp3
For Those Who Know - "Night at the Danceclub" mp3
Favourite Sons - "Hang on, Girl" mp3
My Brightest Diamond - "Disappear" mp3
The Oohlas - "Small Parts" mp3
Bright Light Fever - "Broken Hands" mp3
Ladyhawk - "War" mp3
The Hourly Radio - "Crime Does Pay" mp3

Thanks to the bands, labels, and marketing peeps for providing these to us and you gratis.

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