Monday, October 02, 2006

album review: The Zutons - Tired Of Hanging Around

I'm sitting here listening to Tired Of Hanging Around, the new album from The Zutons, thinking "Why on earth are they not huge here? Or at least Kaiser Chiefs-big?".

"Hanging..." is a soulful rock gallavant from start to finish, and though the lyrics can be a bit dark in places, it's still one of those albums that keep your feet tapping and your head recounting the hooks even after the music has stopped.

Produced by Stephen Street (who knows a thing or two about new-wavy masterpieces, having produced The Smiths, Blur, and the aforementioned K-Chiefs among others), this album is crazy infectious and perfect for listeners who enjoy getting absorbed by hooks, horns, and attitude.

Only available here in the States digitally, Tired Of Hanging Around is such a welcome surprise considering how solid their debut Who Killed The Zutons? was, and how the sophomore slump usually takes its toll on similar bands.

The Zutons - "Why Won't You Give Me Your Love" mp3 buy

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