Monday, November 06, 2006

New Music From Graham Coxon...Blur Reunion Rumors...

Ex-Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has resurfaced with a new album, Love Travels at Illegal Speeds, due out next Tuesday. Here's more info, straight from a publicist's keyboard:

Produced by Stephen Street (who was responsible for Blur's Parklife and Modern Life is Rubbish), Love Travels at Illegal Speeds, Coxon's fourth album in the US and his sixth solo effort overall, is his most vulnerable, honest album of his career. After a stint in rehab battling alcohol addiction in late 2001, the album shows Graham with a renewed sense of confidence - the songs are reflective, focused and pushed Coxon to write about things with such a brutal openness that it startled even him when he was making the record. Most of the songs reference all the punk rock greats - because, if 13 taught us anything, it's that Coxon is most comfortable outside of the margins - so while there are some licks that remind you of the Buzzcocks or the Jam or the Knack, the melodies come right from the heart of the man we know and love, the man who helped define a new breed of British Pop music to a generation of music fans hungry for a voice. If this new album tells us anything, it's that his penchant for pop tunes is bigger than ever, creating choruses and harmonies that are instantly familiar and make you want to open your mouth to sing along. And if there's any question to Coxon's talent, look no further than Love Travels at Illegal Speeds: our hero plays guitars, bass, drums and sings every song on the album, in addition to creating the record's artwork. When a one man band sounds this good, who needs mates?

Sounds good to me. So does the lead track, "Standing On My Own",
which you can download here:

Graham Coxon - "Standing On My Own" mp3 buy

In further developments...Gigwise reports the following:

Blur's Alex James "has revealed that all three members of Blur are now talking to Coxon again, and are optimistic he could rejoin the band for recording next year." (full story here).

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