Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ian from Art Brut Picks Beck, Maclusky, and More Fun

It's rather fitting that the final entry in the extrawack! Year End Poll is Ian Catskilkin, guitarist for Art Brut, considering his band's debut Bang Bang Rock & Roll was probably my most played album throughout 2006...a mean feat considering I listened to that same album through most of the second half of 2005 as well. One of the few great albums from start to finish of the last few years, BBR&R and Art Brut's fantastic live show owe much to Catskilkin's punky pop (or is it poppy punk?) leads and riffs.

Art Brut recently released "Nag Nag Nag Nag", a new single and teaser from their forthcoming album. While recovering from endless touring this year (which included much lauded sets at Siren and Pitchfork), Ian took time to shoot his poll answers across the Atlantic to us:

1. What was your favorite song of 2006?
why isn't Paul Mc Cartney dead already, by untitled musical project.

2. What was your favorite album of 2006?
Mclusky - mcluskyism

3. What was your favorite live show of 2006?
Beck - live at V festival

4. What was your favorite thing about 2006?
playing live to amazing crowds almost every day.

5. What is your biggest wish for 2007?
for everyone to have even more fun than in 06 if thats possible.

Art Brut - "Nag Nag Nag Nag (Live BBC 6 Session from Oct '06) mp3 buy

Art Brut - "Modern Art" at the Siren Music Festival this Summer...when was the last time you saw jaded NY hipsters groove like that at a show?:

Watch Ian and Jasper get interviewed for New York Noise on the Coney Island Boardwalk that same day:

Art Brut - "Good Weekend" at Pitchfork:

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