Friday, December 29, 2006

E.G. Daily...Against Global Warming, For Celine In Vegas.

There are very few people in the entertainment world I can think of that have had such a cool and varied career as E.G. Daily.

She's been in iconic movies like Valley Girl, Scarface, Pee Wee's Big Adventure and The Devil's Rejects...she's had a number one dance single...she's appeared on beloved TV shows like Laverne & Shirley, CHiPs, Friends, and even Saturday Night Live...and she's the voice of cartoon characters "Tommy Pickles" of Rugrats, "Buttercup" from The Powerpuff Girls, and "Baby Mumbles" in the current big-screen hit Happy Feet. That's a pretty amazing resume.

E.G. took a few seconds away from the final preparations of her new album Changing Faces (due for release in early 2007) to send in her year end poll responses:

1. What was your favorite song of 2006?
the Five For Fighting single

2. What was your favorite album of 2006?
Christina Aguilera

3. What was your favorite live show of 2006?
Celine Dion in Vegas

4. What was your favorite thing about 2006?
Felt a lot of peace & had a lot of fun.

5. What is your biggest wish for 2007?
More peace joy and fun...more breakthroughs against animal abuse...Better care of the planet to help with global warming...More awareness. Sounds like I am in a beauty pageant, huh!

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Dig this slice of '80's goodness (with gratuitous Mark Harmon)...
E.G. Daily - "Mind Over Matter":

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