Monday, December 11, 2006

The Last extrawack! Baker's Dozen Downloads Of 2006

This is it...the last cd-length gand of songs for you to download, burn, and groove to. Make a disc of these, give it to a friend as a holiday gift, and include a note that says, "Here, now you are as hip as me and my nerdy blog-reading friends! Happy Holidays"!

Or not.

The Photo Atlas - “Handshake Heart Attack” mp3

Clinic - "Harvest" mp3

Robert Gomez - "Closer Still" mp3

Kristoffer Ragnstam - "Breakfast By The Mattress (EP Version)" mp3

Partyline - "Trophy Wifey" mp3

Robbers On High Street - "The Fatalist" mp3

Besnard Lakes - "And You Lied To Me" mp3

Joemca - "Strangers" mp3

Pinebender - "Polly Gray" mp3

Scissors For Lefty - "Christmas Intentions" mp3

The Muggabears - "Sister Now" mp3

The One AM Radio - "In The Time We've Got" mp3

Annuals - “Brother” mp3

As always, thanks to the labels and marketing pimps for hosting these downloads.

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