Monday, April 23, 2007

album review: The Muggabears - Night Choreography

The Muggabears - Night Choreography

This seven song EP by the Ex-Norman, OK, now-Brooklyn trio is one of those records that is filled with references to other bands, but sounds completely original in every way.

Tracks like "We Were Priests" and "Dead End Kicks" sound like they might have been written with help from Pavement, David Gedge from The Wedding Present, and/or Sonic Youth, and singer Travis Johnson at times even sounds uncannily like Thurston Moore, but the songs on this EP are neither nostalgic nor homage, but absolutely au courant.

Fuzzy, swirly, and charging guitars...throbbing pedal-processed bass grooves...walls of percussion...what's not to love?

Night Choreography is a must for fans of beautifully haunting (and hauntingly beautiful) guitar rock that will challenge, bedevil, and thrill the listener.

The Muggabears next show is May 12 at Pianos w/Mancino, Secret Life of Sofia, and Can Joann.

The Muggabears - "The Goth Tarts" mp3

The Muggabears - "Dead Kid Kicks" mp3

Photo: Lauren Andrews

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